It was 2020 and you could count on the fingers of one hand the apps that were still using a hamburger menu. Wallapop was one of those few. That kind of navigation had been solving our needs until then (even though replacing it with more modern navigation had been on the table for some years).

But as the app kept growing, adopting more user-friendly navigation became a must. In April 2020, the decision was finally made. Wallapop started the Nimbus project, a project that would bring a tab bar into the app!

If you are thinking “wow this post is written by a Glovo employee presenting a new app feature”, this is not the case, this is an experiment.

This task consists of implementing a new feature in the Glovo app, which allows users to handle their group order and how it could be delivered, by just one glover. Furthermore, the payment should be done individually as well. In case you haven’t realized yet, the title is a spoiler ;)

Just to start, is worth to mention that this is an exercise to myself and to improve my skills, so the conclusions given here may not be taken for Kayak people as “THE SOLUTION”.


To solve a problem we should find it, so I have ideated a task for a group that is not the one that I belong, just to practice the concept of emphatization. The process that I have analyzed is the process that a person would follow to plan the whole vacations using a website like Kayak.


The user type that…

What is a good design?

It may feel weird, but my principles are almost the same as the ones Dieter Rams wrote one day. Why there is a need to change them? Aren’t they good enough? It’s obvious that companies does not allow a lot of times to follow this principles, a lot of designs are targeted to increase sells, and I would say that when this fact happens, at least the half of the principles Dieter said, don’t become a reality.

For me, the most important principle is honesty, a design must solve a problem, not incite the user…

I picked Dribble for a very simple reason, it is a page that I visit everyday when I want to get some rest of my current job, and discovering so many artists doing such great things inspires me and gives me some fuel to continue with my day to day tasks.

The flow I’ve converted into wireframes is the one that would follow a user interested in hiring an artist, so the screens stripped are the ones since the user land into the page until those related to the artist profile.

Fig 1. Dribble landing page


The most common elements in Dribble’s page…

To get used to design toolkit Sketch, what I’ve done is to choose an app and replicate it. The screenshots have been picked from the AppStore since they are filled with more details.

Fig 1. All the screeens to be mimicked.

One of my favorite apps is Things, so this is the one I’ve replicated in Sketch.

My first step has been to create the color palette used in the app to make easy the color selection afterwards. On the other hand, to streamline the scenes creation I’ve created all the icons, so it will make a piece of cake the mimesis of Things app.


Before starting, let’s give a little bit of context about the concept of sketchnoting, this will be useful in order to complete the exercise properly. So according to wikipedia:

“Sketchnoting, also commonly referred to as visual notetaking, is the creative and graphic process through which an individual can record their thoughts with the use of illustrations, symbols, structures, and texts.”

So learning sketchnoting will be a great tool for our tool belt.


This exercise is a previous task of the Ironhack’s bootcamp. The aim of the task is to learn how to summarize content in a beautiful way…

Fig 0. Urban Go Logo


UrbanGo is a public transit and mapping startup based in Silicon Valley. Their goal is to solve the problems of urban mobility by offering the quickest and cheapest public and private transport routes to their users.

As they are trying to grow as a company, the next step is to add new features inside the app, which consists to put together the process of purchasing multiple tickets.

The aim of this post is to create a user flow to put together the two features (search for routes and purchase tickets) inside the app.




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